A large selection of Native American pottery.
8 Tribes Represented. Many great artist. Southwestern Pottery at very reasonable prices.
Pottery from Jemez, Santa Clara, Acoma, Zuni, Sioux, and Hopi, Zia, and Navajo tribes.
Pottery from renowned names such as the "Frog Woman" (A featured artist)
All hand made Coiled pottery!  Hand coiled clay, smoothed out and hand painted.

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Native American Pottery under $50
Pottery priced Under $50

Native American Pottery $50-$100
Pottery priced $50 - $100

Acoma Pottery
Acoma Pueblo Pottery

Hopi Pottery
Hopi Pottery

Jemez/Walatowa Pueblo Pottery
Jemez Pueblo Pottery

Navajo Pottery Collection
  Navajo Pottery

Santa Clara Pueblo Collection
Santa Clara Pueblo Pottery

Zuni Pueblo Collection
Zuni Pueblo Pottery

Pueblo Owls
Pueblo Owls

Native American Pueblo Animals pottery/sculptures
Pueblo Animals

Native American Storytellers
Story Tellers

Christmas Figurines, Santa's and Snowmen
Christmas Figures

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We have done the research,  our prices are 10-50% lower than our competition
Here are some competitors websites so you can see for yourself
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Native American Pottery - King Galleries - Scottsdale & Santa Fe

Native American Pottery

There are some tremendous resources online for Researching the more well known Native American artist.
Rather than try and reproduce the work of these people, please enjoy these helpful links in researching Native American Pottery Artist

Andrea Fisher Fine Pottery - Artists (


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Bows and quivers

Ceremonial Attire




Peace pipes




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